Product Catalogs
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Product Section Flow

As you can see, the product section has an easy flow to it.

  1. Start off on the home page. You can click “Products” or “Product Catalog” in the navigation or you may possibly have an image representing the product section as well.
  2. If you have more than one product catalog, you’ll hit the “product landing page” with all of your product offerings on it. We can also add products that we don’t manage here. Some dealers have a 100,000 item office supply or furniture catalog. We can add a nice graphic here so it’s all uniform and together. Then, when they click it, it will take them to that catalog. We can also change the colors to better match your site or we can customize images for the whole page.
  3. Now they are at the product detail for a specific manufacturer. In the case above, it’s Konica Minolta. You’ll see Printers, Multifunction, Production and Wide Format.
  4. Your viewer will click what they are looking for like: Color Multifunction and see all of the current models. They will have the option to view and print a color brochure, watch an online video or request a quote. You can see some of those options to the right of the graphic above.


You can see that we can customize YOUR product section to sync up with YOUR current website’s look and feel. In the sample, we picked a background to match the dealer’s header and logo colors.  If you’d like, we could customize the top image completely – where it says “Kyocera” and has pictures of the product line. On the bottom of this page, the product images for each category, such as printers or mfp’s, can also be changed if you’d like.

Further Customization

You can see the customized icon for “View Brochure” to the right. If you’d like, we can customize it with your company name or logo on it!

What’s great is that we built our product section right. Most product catalogs do not reside on your site and you do not get “credit” with search engines for the content. With us, your product section will be “indexed” so it will help you in the long run. Each product and each brochure has a specific URL on your site. This means you can send a potential customer a link right to that product or brochure. Other sites out there don’t do this. Who wants to send your clients to another domain?