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Did you know? Product Catalog Solutions is an IBPI Preferred Vendor Partner! (click to see!)

Just hearing about us? Well, we’ve been here, partnering with dealers for years! You may have talked to us through our partners at DealerSiteBuilder.com. (BTA Vendor Member & IBPI Vendor Partner) We’ve been working with them for over 23 years to provide up-to-date product catalogs for dealers all across the US and Canada.

First, a little about DealerSiteBuilder.com. They have been partnering with dealers, only in this industry, for over 23 years. They create great websites which are full of amazing content – content that is specific to each dealer. This means, if you are a Kyocera Dealer, you’ll have “how to” videos or “business apps” videos. A Toshiba or Sharp dealer may also want to add digital display content to their website. Another dealer may need the FP catalog, an IT section or even a catalog for office water systems, like Pure Water. Every dealer has a different need and DealerSiteBuilder.com customizes their site to suit those needs. This custom content trickles down to even the smallest of details. Most dealers don’t have a form for their client’s to request an equipment move. If they did, it would say  “equipment move” at the top in black text – very generic. DealerSiteBuilder.com creates a custom form and a nice header image that includes a nice image of a copier in the back of a box truck. It’s not just 1 copier or mfp image for all dealers. Who wants an image of a Xerox device if you sell Kyocera, Konica Minolta or Canon? They create images for each manufacturer. It takes a bit of  time but the result is worth it! You may have met our friends at DealerSiteBuilder.com as a Platinum Sponsor of Itex or at the Toshiba National Conference in Las Vegas. Maybe it was at the Xerox National Conference in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Antonio or Miami? At the IBPI Annual Meeting in Disney World? They have been supporting the industry and their dealers for over two decades so it could have been anywhere! If you aren’t familiar with DealerSiteBuilder.com, please check them out!  <CLICK HERE>

A need for Product Catalogs:

Unfortunately, not all dealers use DealerSiteBuilder.com for their website marketing. Instead, we noticed that some dealers had contacted a local web design firm to create a new website for them. Some of these websites were quite costly and turned out pretty good but lacked industry content. It makes sense because a local web designer doesn’t know this industry. They don’t know what a meter read or a fuser is. That’s where we come. We know your business! We work with dealers to add full product catalogs to their websites. It’s not a product section based on a free plug-in. We have customized this with our developer who has been with us for over 20 years. It’s nicely laid out and easy to navigate. Not only does it have a nice, large picture of the equipment and quick bullets of product information but it includes the full color product brochure and an online video. (when available) There is a link for your viewer to “request a quote” and we can add a “buy now” option. Don’t ask your techs or IT personnel to “try” and mange your website. Instead, keep them out in the field where their time is billable. Focus on what you do best and let us do what we do best! We’ll add all of your product lines and keep them updated as new machines are launched or retired. Please see what all of your peers are talking about! Why shouldn’t you be sending your viewers to your manufacturer’s website for product information? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

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