Dealer Locators
Stop sending your viewers here. You'll lose them every time!

Dealer Locators

Many dealers try to build their own websites. Unfortunately, they always seem to come up short when it comes to showcasing their products. Local web designers don’t have industry experience and have no idea how to add the full product catalogs a dealer needs. Many dealers have no products at all on their site while some add a few examples of products from different categories. A common mistake that many dealers make is that they send their viewers to their manufacturer’s website for product information. This is a big mistake. You will lose your viewer every time you send them off of your website. Most manufacturer’s have a “where to buy” or a “dealer locator” on their site. Your viewer will click on this link for sure. Now, YOUR viewer will be looking at all of the dealers nearby – your competitors! They’ll now click on the website of your competitor, a competitor with a better website than you! They’ll engage them for another price or will leave you all together because they have a better website. Don’t make this mistake! Keep all of YOUR viewers on YOUR website. We will add all of your products to your current website and we’ll manage them all-year-long as new products are launched and as others are retired. Let us do the work. We can have all of your products live, on your site, within a day! Chances are, you can even use your Co-op Marketing Funds for our services! 

WOW! Look how many dealers are within blocks of each other in New York City!

Sending YOUR Viewers to Google

When you don’t have product catalogs and information on your website, your customers will look elsewhere on the web for brochures and other information. If they don’t go directly to your manufacturer’s website, they will, for sure, go directly to Google. Now, they may find the websites of the same authorized dealers that are listed on your manufacturer’s locator. In addition to these dealers they may find smaller, independent dealers who are not even authorized to sell or service the brands you are authorized for. So,  now you just sent them to some small dealer who is selling the “flavor of the month” at a wholesale price. (Most likely because it’s used or discontinued!) They can’t compare to your level of service and support. Why even get these others in the conversation? Keep your viewers on your website!   

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